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kirstie aka roo; 25; from england. enjoys gaming, reading, sleeping and laughing. completely mass effect obsessed - you have been warned.

i run mass effect last night and co-mod fuck yeah bioware. i am kirstieroo on both aim and xbox live if you fancy a chat or some me3 multiplayer.


………………………………….Alistair and Morrigan are going to be in the same game again.

After the OGB incident.

Probably with tempers running high.


please please Bioware let them argue like angry toddlers like in Origins please I will give up my left kidney to make it so


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Video Game Meme / Five Quotes [4/5] → "Women do not frighten
like little boys."

dragon age



I find it really interesting that the historical men like Vincent Van Gogh, Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon portrayed in Moffat Who are always three dimensional and treated respectfully, while the historical women like Elizabeth the First and Nefertiti, are always love sick idiots drooling over the Doctor.

It almost seems like Moffat cannot take women seriously, even if they ruled nations.

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Felt like playing SWTOR tonight. Unfortunately I haven’t done so for at least 6 weeks, if not longer.

What d’you want t bet that by the time it’s done updating I’ll be tucked up in bed?


Ichabod Crane + 21st century [1/?] | requested by theinkstainedknight






#Nothing says straight like painting a massive painting of another woman  #from memory alone 

Moriarty takes fanart to a whole new level

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Breasts are for babies. Get over it.
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Breasts are for babies. Get over it.